What services do we offer in a health Checkup package?
• A thorough medical examination and individual consultation. We caan help you prevent health disorders and identify risk factors in good time.
• Medical attention from checkup specialists with many years of expperience and in-depth knowledge in the fields of diagnosis, prevention, and early recognition of medical disorders.
• Your own personal, easily understood health dossier with all yourr findings covering several pages.

Why have checkups?
Good health is the basic requirement for a high quality of life. Regular checkups can identify health disorders early to enable successful treatment and prevent more serious diseases. Many common and life-threatening conditions can be treated successfully if detected early. A proper health check-up scans your bio-history, interprets signals which would help identify health disorder early for a successful treatment. We will show you how best to stay healthy and even improve your wellbeing.

At what age should you start having checkups?
Ideally checkups should be started at the age of 35 – earlier if yoou have any special stress or risk factors.

How long does the checkup take?
The whole checkup can be carried out within few hours and can max extend to one day.

Who pays for the checkups?
Many companies pay their employees a contribution toward the costs of medical checkups. Some checkup examinations are covered by additional insurance policies provided by health insurance schemes.

Are there any special corporate offers?
For corporate clients we offer Prevention Programme with tailored checkups and supplementary measures (lectures, seminars, health campaigns, ergonomic advisory service, training groups, etc.).

Test Basic Health Checkup Package Cardio Checkup Package Executive Health Checkup Package Compreh
ensive Health Checkup Package
Well Women Health Checkup Package International Patients Health Checkup Package Stroke Checkup Package Headache Checkup Package Osteo Health Checkup Package Backache Health Checkup Package Basic Diabetic Checkup Package Compreh
ensive Diabetic Checkup Package 
Senior Citizen - Male Senior Citizen - Female Pre-
ment Check up Plan
Complete Blood Count (CBC)
Blood Group                        
Fasting & Post Prandial Blood sugar        
Serum Billirubin                        
Serum Tri glycerides                            
Serum Cholestrol                            
Blood Urea Nitrogen                      
Serum Creatnine                    
Stool Routine                      
Urine Routine & Microscopic                      
Lipid Profile                  
Serum Uric Acid                        
Serum Electrolytes                          
Serum Alkaline Phosphatase                        
Total Protein                          
T3, T4, TSH                        
Pap Smear/PSA                      
Hiv Antibodies                            
Serum Calcium                  
Liver Function Test                            
Renal Function test                    
Eye Checkup                          
Bone Density                          
X- Ray Chest P.A. View
Stress Test                  
2D Echo                    
Pulmonary Function Test (PFT)                        
Usg Full Abdomen                
Physician Consultation
Package Rate 1000 3000 6600 2950 3300 6100 2350 750 950 900 2350 3900 3350 3250 600