How do I make payment ?
Payment needs to be paid as per hospital policy and would mean paying either my cash or my any major international credit card. Usually you will need to keep a deposit of 50% of the package deal at time of admission and prior to you undergoing any diagnostic tests, procedures etc. Final Bill would be presented at time of discharge. Boarding and lodging for one companion would be part of the package.
Why should I choose India?
India has one of the best and highly qualified doctors in the world. The administration cost is also one of the lowest in the world.
What information do I need to bring with me?
You need to bring the complete medical history of yours when you come down to India which includes X-Rays, test results and any other papers relating to your case.
Can I speak with a surgeon before I decide on my trip?
You can do a on line chat with the surgeons and all your queries and questions would be answered. All this forms part of the package and if required you can consult your doctors with us for any clarification.
Would I receive my medical records in India?
Yes. You will be given a copy of the medical records which includes medical discharge card to be taken back home
Would I need a translator?
English is most widely spoken in India and our staffs are well trained and fluent in English.
How do I make travel / Visa Arrangements?
You would need to do your ticket bookings including VISA before leaving for India. However once you arrive in India, we would take care right from your airport trip till you are admitted to hospital and checking in your companion into a 4 Star Hotel.
Would there be someone to receive me and drop me back to airport?
Yes. We can arrange for pick-up from airport and drop back on special request. However these services are on chargable basis.
How soon can I travel back after the treatment is over?
Based on the assessment by our doctors, your would be advised accordingly. However we have arranged for a 7 days for post surgery recovery and if the recovery happens earlier, the patient does have a choice to leave early
Would the hospital also arrange for some sight seeing?
Yes. The hospital can help you coordinating with some of the best and economical tour operators who can help plan your trip. However these are not part of the package and the individuals have to bear the cost of their own. However its advisable to consult and follow the surgeons advice before deciding on the vacation.
Does your hospital has Out Patient and In Patient facility?
Yes the hospital has facilities for out patient and in patient.
What are the kinds of rooms available?
Deluxe Room - Individual and spacious rooms with privacy. The room has a attendant’s couch, a cupboard for storage of clothes, a Television and Fridge to make your stay cozy and comfortable.

Special Room - Individual room where patients needs are taken into account to meet their requirements. Has all facilities inhouse including couch, Television and Fridge. Attendant can stay with the patient.

Semi Special Room – The rooms are twin sharing with screen partitions maintained for privacy. Rooms for males and female patients are allotted separately. Attendant can stay with patient.

Economy Room - Separate wards are available for make and female patients. However no attendant can stay with the patient.
Will there be a doctor on call at all times during my stay at the hospital?
Yes, in fact, we have a doctor on the premises 24 hours a day.
Where is the hospital located?
Balaji Healthcare has its branches at:Kopar Khairane which is at the heart of Navi Mumbai and at Vasind which is 40 mts drive from Thane
Do I have to go to another facility to have my lab work & x-rays?
No, the lab work, radiology are located within the premises.
Are there sufficient specialists in the hospital?
Yes. The hospital has many known specialists visiting daily.
Do you have cashless facilities?
Yes we do have tie up with most of the Insurance Companies and TPA’s. A listing of the same is available in our website.
Do I need to pay any advances at time of getting admitted?
Yes. An advance will have to paid at time of in-patient admission as per below details
ICU/Surgeries/Special Ward - Rs.10,000
Semi Special Ward - Rs.5,000
General Ward - Rs.2,500.
What mode of settlements is available?
We have option of settling your bill by way of Credit Card, Cash or through cash less settlement by various Insurance companies and TPA’s. However we regret our inability to accept personal cheques for payments of bills.
Any Discount for Senior Citizens and Handicapped People?
Yes, we offer 10% discount on the overbilling however this will apply only for services and not any consumables.
Is there a Pharmacy with in the building?
Yes. We do have a 24x7 Pharmacy which caters to all the medical requirements of a patient. Hence there is no need to get separate medicines from outside.
Is Ambulance services available with the hospital
Yes, we do have a 24x7 ambulance service available anywhere within Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Dist Thane and near by locations.