Your privacy is important to us. Balaji Healthcare is committed to maintaining privacy of all personal identifiable information. The company has outlined a set of privacy policies to inform you about collecting and using such information on the website.

Gathering Information

Balaji Healthcare gathers and uses certain information on its website. The information may include your IP address, information about your browser (i.e., whether you are using Netscape, Internet Explorer, etc.), and information about your Internet Service Provider. IP address is the unique number used to represent the specific computer network. Every computer on internet has unique IP address.

Balaji Healthcare may collect the required information through various on-line forms. The visitors may fill the form voluntarily, completion of the form is entirely optional. If you have provided any personally identifiable information on these forms (e.g. name/address/e-mail address), Balaji Healthcare will not use it to contact you or share the information, unless stated by you.

Using Information

Balaji Healthcare uses the gathered information of the users only for internal statistical purposes only, e.g., to track where users go on the website. None of the information is linked to specifically identifiable individuals. Such information will be used by Balaji Healthcare only for adding information to the website that will be useful for others visiting the site. Any personally identifiable information that you voluntarily submit to Balaji Healthcare will be used, with your permission, to send you health information and health updates, both general information and information focused on specific health matters, such as, for example, high blood pressure. The personal identifiable information may also be used to send your reminders for appointment.

Sharing Information

Balaji Healthcare is the sole user of all information collected through the website. Balaji Healthcare does not sell, give, or disclose the information (statistical or personal) to any third party.

Updating Information

If, at any point of time, the furnished information needs to be corrected or updated, you may request the web administrator for information to be changed or deleted.


Balaji Healthcare takes complete responsibility to protect the visitor's personally identifiable information. When the user submits any of the personally identifiable information, it will be protected both on-line and off-line.

All the user information is protected with firewall, and the data input on the website is encrypted. Balaji Healthcare is also committed to protect user's information off-line. The employees of Balaji Healthcare use password-protected screen-savers to protect the information. Furthermore, all employees are trained to follow a specific set of privacy and security practices. The servers that Balaji Healthcare uses to store personally identifiable information are kept in a secure environment , and only authorized individuals have access to the system.


Cookie is a small string of text stored in the user's computer by a web browser. They are automatically written on the hard drive when you visit any site. It allows the website to recognize you every time you visit the website and to personalize the website for you. The only personal information cookie can store is what you voluntarily supply. A cookie cannot read the data stored on your hard drive or read cookie files generated by other website. No cookies will be stored on your hard drive, when you visit this website.

Notification of Changes

Balaji Healthcare is bound to use the information collected from you in accordance with the privacy policy in effect, at the point of time information was collected. However, user can expect change in the privacy policy, for e.g. in the light of new technology or applicable law. If Balaji Healthcare decides to change the type of information it collects, how it is used, or under what circumstances, Balaji Healthcare is responsible for disclosing all the changes. It will post these changes on the homepage so that the users will be aware of these changes. Users will have 30 days after we post the change within which to decide whether or not Balaji Healthcare may use their information in accordance with the new policy. If the user does not wish Balaji Healthcare to use his information in accordance with the updated privacy policy, he may send an e-mail requesting for the same.

Balaji Healthcare will refrain from using the information in accordance with the new policy and will use the information only in accordance with the policy in effect at the time the information was collected.