We strive to give our patients the best care we possibly can everyday because We believe that actions speak louder than words. Even so a few words from our patients and their relatives have gone a long way in encouraging us to better ourselves. We are proud to say that these patients and their loves ones have generously allowed us to borrow their words as a testimony to our efforts. They believe that sharing their experiences might help others understand the services we provide. We hope you enjoy reading their experiences and find them as inspiring as we did.

Our mother, Late Smt. KB Datar was in a health crises for last five years and was managing with 3 of us, her daughters . In Nov’13 she fell down in a wash room and was struggling with health. We were managing with the help of the Ayyahas we hired to take care of her round the clock. Our mom was insisting that we admit her to a health care cum old age care centre but initially we did not want to. Last year on her 80th Birth day she declared that she would not stay with us and forced us to look for a care centre. We found the name of Balaji health care through the internet and we visited the place with the intention of admitting our mother at this place even though our mind was not prepared.

On first visit to Vasind, we were comfortable with the surrounding and cleanliness maintained with the institution. Our mom got admitted in June’14 at this place. Our negative approach of keeping her to health centre turned positive within 2 months when we saw that our beloved mother was thoroughly taken care of in the following ways:

  1. Daily check up of basic health parameters like BP/Diabetes etc.
  2. 24/7 medical care with good staff (RMOs/Nurses/AAyas etc)
  3. ICU facility
  4. Cleaning of the premises on a daily basis.
  5. A well managed Clothing/ catering facility.
  6. Doctor’s panel as and when required. Physiotherapy treatment was provided to our mother and she was able to walk within 2-3 months with a walker and was able to move around in contrast to her formerly bed ridden condition
  7. Patient’s routine activities like bath/breakfast/lunch/dinner were taken care of on time everyday
  8. Very good space on the ground floor where all patients are brought together through an elevator and are made to walk /exercise. They have a tea after breakfast at this place.
  9. Celebration of all the festivals like Ganesh Charturthi, Independence day, Diwali. Our Mom enjoyed all these activities so much so that she refused to come back to our place at the time of Diwali in lieu of celebrating it with the fellow aged and the caretakers at Balaji Healthcare
  10. Good support of Dr. Ramani, Dr Mrs. Iyer, Mr. Rane, the RMOs and other staff when we approached them by visiting personally and through telephone. They always ensured that all of our concerns and worries were put to rest.. Mrs. Datar was in ICU in jan’15.She was out of danger within 8 days of time with the medical care of the institute and personal attention of Dr. Ramani, Dr. Mrs. Iyer and the rest of the medical staff.
  11. We also experienced the guest rooms which are available when your patient is in the ICU and the same were quiet comfortable. That time we stayed and experienced the morning prayers (played on audio) which was a very good experience to the visitor. It makes the mind cool and comfortable which all the in-house old age patients must be experiencing every day.
  12. When the patient himself/herself has a positive approach towards staying in health /old age care centre, this is a very good institute we recommend anyone can go for. Our mother found this care centre very comfortable but unfortunately we lost her on 15th March 2015 (even after many efforts by the Doctors at place). The whole very supportive at that time and we appreciate their efforts all the more because of that.

Mrs. Joshi / Mrs. Mehendale / Mrs. Vaidya.

The team at Balaji Healthcare are running the institution with a lot of devotion and commitment. They are a dependable backup for families with aging relatives, especially when the close ones are out of the country. What is unique about them, is that even medical problems are managed locally or through referral to a higher facility, without the relatives being summoned every time, to be around, during their illness episodes.
Dr. Suresh Sundar

Placing your loved one in an old age care facility can be a heart-wrenching experience; there are times when home care is not an option and daily needs for the aged has to be handled by professional facility. Balaji Healthcare facility has live-in residents who are under constant care of dedicated hardworking licensed health care professionals. The supervision of the facility is maintained by active management staff. The structure has ample space and is kept extremely clean with in-house kitchen that serves fresh wholesome food daily., making this facility stand par excellence. Considering long-term care options for my father Mr. Rane, Balaji Healthcare has proven to be the best and affordable care givers with individual attention to the senior citizens needs.
Vinay Rane

I feel blessed to have known Balaji healthcare, Dr. Mahalakshmi and Dr. Ramani for over four years now. They run a wonderful senior citizen facility that is truly unique. They ably manage the center and the staff is friendly and pleasant. The place is located in peaceful, verdant surroundings and is at an easy distance from Mumbai. The premises are kept immaculately clean and can compete with the best in the USA in terms of hygiene and cleanliness. The nursing care they provide is excellent and the atmosphere is friendly. For those of us who are required by circumstances to leave our precious ones to the care of a senior citizens center, I would unhesitatingly recommend “Balaji Health Care”. I feel grateful to them every time I visit there and when I leave, I leave with a great sense of peace that my precious one is well taken care of by Balaji Health Care.
Dr. Natesa Prasad

"My name Sheo Prasad aged 80 years and am suffering from Paralysis. I have been a patient for five years. I am happy with the service. I have met many people here for the same reason, who have become great friends."

"My name is Dwarkabhai and I am aged 92 years. I am suffering from arthritis, oldage weakness. People here are wonderful and they take good care of me. I have nothing negative to say and I have been here for a year and half. The staffs are wonderful people and they are very helpful."

“My name is Manisha Divekar and I am blind. I am 74 years old and have been staying here for the past one and half years. Treatment given to me is very good. Doctors are good and take good care of me, there is no deficiency in services and everybody treats me with tender loving care. Even though I am blind but I am very particular about cleanliness and the people here ensure that I am fresh and clean. I don’t want to go back to home as I don’t have anyone and I am very happy living with all people here. I wish this institution success to manage more such people in future.”

“My name is Ganibhai Mhatre and I have been living here since two and half years. I have been a resident since February 22, 2008. I feel good, treated good, and eat and sleep well. I know the owners and they are great people."